What people want from their heating controls: a qualitative study

13th November, 2013

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has set up a programme of work to understand the potential for smarter heating controls to save energy. As part of this DECC wished to understand what people need from their heating controls so as to improve their understanding of how emerging technologies could best meet these needs. This research gathered requirements for smarter heating controls by studying how people use their existing heating controls.

The study involved diary self-reporting of heating behaviours by a sample of 43 householders followed by in-home, in-depth interviews with the same participants. After a period of interim analysis a ‘long-list’ of requirements was inferred, and some emergent user types were identified. The requirements were then explored and prioritised in four ‘participatory-design’ workshops along with evaluation of three different concepts for smarter heating controls with four interviewed participants and 19 new participants.

To view the full study, click on the PDF below


Source: Gov.UK

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