UKGBC Announces Green Deal Expert Panel

10th October, 2012

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has announced the launch of a new project which will bring together a group of experts from across industry to advise Government on incentivising take-up of the Green Deal. Speaking alongside Greg Barker, the climate change minister, at the Conservative Party conference, CEO of the UK Green Building Council Paul King praised the Government’s commitment to the scheme, but warned that without the right support it could falter.

The new ‘task group’, which includes a diverse mix of UK-GBC members and other key stakeholders, will assess a range of possible financial incentives for householders, including using variable rates of Council Tax and Stamp Duty. One of the key challenges to address is how costs to the Treasury could be minimised or even eliminated altogether. With the mass retrofitting of the UK’s homes playing a critical role in helping us meet our carbon targets and reducing energy demand, the project will provide a robust steer to the Government on how to ensure the Green Deal and related policies are successful. The final report will assess the pros and cons associated with a range of policy incentives, allowing Ministers to make informed decisions.

Paul King, CEO of the UK Green Building Council said: “The Green Deal still has the potential to be truly revolutionary in driving mass home retrofit. This new market could, if nurtured properly, create jobs, stimulate economic growth and protect consumers from ever-rising energy prices. But without firm plans in place to drive uptake, the scheme could fail before it has even properly started. Everyone says we need to incentivise the Green Deal, but there is actually very little out there in terms of robust advice on how Government would begin to implement some of these ideas - particularly in a way that minimises costs to Treasury. This work is intended to do just that.”

Funded by the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, the group is due to deliver its findings in early 2013.

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