The Growing Retrofit Market Has Its First Eco Loo With British Innovation, Propelair

27th November, 2013

The expanding retrofit industry has a new sustainable toilet on the market creating a golden opportunity for improving energy efficiency within buildings. Whether it be future developments or existing builds, Propelair is uniquely suited to both.

With UK government low carbon economy targets needing to be met by 2050, improving energy efficiency within non-domestic buildings has been a key concern especially when contributing to nearly a fifth of all UK carbon emissions.

Despite the vital role toilets plays in effective sanitation, the toilet has not fundamentally changed since the late 1800s. With UK toilets averaging 9 litres per flush, accounting for 30% of household water use and up to 90% for commercial buildings. It is easy to see why traditional toilet technologies have become relatively inefficient and unsustainable in modern times.

Recognising the need for a new innovation inspired the development of Propelair. Using patented POWA™ displaced air technology, the British design and manufactured toilet produces a powerful, high-performance flush which requires only 1.5 litres of water. As a result, the ultra-low flush reduces water usage by 84% per flush meaning less energy is required for water processing, this reduces the toilet’s carbon footprint by 80%.

With WRAS and BSI Kitemark approval under it’s belt; Propelair exceeds environmental planning legislation in Part G of the Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes, reaching the highest performance rating under BREEAM’s water efficiency consumption guidelines.

Garry Moore, British inventor was recently thrilled to be awarded the Low Carbon Keep Company Award by Anglia Ruskin University.

In addition to providing improved performance and low carbon efficiency, designers and architects have total design freedom when repositioning washroom facilities as small waste pipes can run without requiring major alterations to existing drains. A study by the Drainage Research Group at Heriot Watt University found Propelair can be retro-fitted to existing drainages as a like for like replacement for conventional toilets as it simply connects to existing pipes.

While conventional gravity drains use sloping waste pipes to allow a free-flow of wastewater through the building, it uses an inefficient amount of space and not easy to install. To combat this, Propelair has created a radical new approach where small-bore drains run without gradients (this is not possible with existing toilets). The air-assisted flush boosts drainage and overcomes blockages allowing small drains to be run cost effectively in the smallest of spaces. This is an important technical breakthrough which could revolutionise sanitary drainage.

Propelair is a forward thinking sustainable innovation, while financial payback can be achieved in less than a year (depending on local water tariffs), Propelair is an economically viable solution to achieving low carbon efficiency within UK building stock.

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