Signed Green Deals rise to 36

22nd July, 2013

36 Green Deals have been signed as of the end of June, in an upswing from the four signed up to 16 June.

The figure refers to “pending” Green Deal plans, which have been signed and installation is underway, but not a single Green Deal has yet been completed. It will be welcomed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Energy minister Greg Barker said he hoped to have at least 10,000 Green Deals signed by the end of 2013.

The Green Deal is a flagship environmental policy for the government. It aims to allow homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, paying off the cost through savings on future energy bills. Assessments have also risen to 44,479 as of the end of June, compared with 30,962 at the end of May. 13,517 of these were completed in June alone, compared to 12,146 in May.

The Green Deal launched on 28 January in England and Wales. A further 306 Green Deal plans are in the system for individual properties at the end of June, compared to 100 at the end of May. 6,224 cash-back vouchers had also been issued to the end of June, with 3,449 paid to a value of £934,000. Virtually all of these have been for boiler replacements, with the majority in June.

Meanwhile, 115,723 measures were installed under the Energy Company Obligation up to the end of May, on provisional figures subject to further checks by regulator Ofgem. 50 per cent of these were for loft insulation, with 34 per cent for cavity wall insulation.


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