RSAP+ Green Deal and EPC software in Green Deal first

6th August, 2013

British Gas advisor uses Stroma Certificationís RSAP+ Green Deal and EPC software package, the first software on the market to connect direct to the Green Deal Finance Company, thus avoiding requirements for separate data entry.

Stroma Certificationís Software is the First to Submit a Finance Application Directly to The Green Deal Finance Company. The application was submitted recently by a British Gas advisor using RSAP+, Stroma Certificationís Green Deal and EPC software package. RSAP+ is the first software on the market that connects directly through to The Green Deal Finance Company, so there is no requirement for a separate data entry process. 

Stroma has extensively enhanced the functionality of RSAP+ in recent months to support the rollout of the Green Deal, and has been working closely with The Green Deal Finance Company development team to ensure that the module meets their stringent requirements for the handling of Green Deal financial data.

The RSAP+ Green Deal Plan and Green Deal Finance Application Module steers a Green Deal Advisor through building a Green Deal Plan quotation with the customer. Then when the Plan is agreed and credit information confirmed, the advisor can submit the Green Deal finance application with a single click.

Forming part of our approved RSAP+ software, the module bases calculations on RdSAP: the Governmentís approved energy calculation methodology for existing domestic properties. It links with other RSAP+ modules to automatically retrieve relevant information, including property data, the selection of Green Deal recommendations and associated energy and financial savings.

A later release is planned which will link with Stromaís ECO Module to maximise grant funding available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).  The software is flexible and allows each Plan to be tailored to the customerís preferences, with energy-saving measures selected or deselected, and the deposit and payment term tweaked. Throughout, the software ensures that the Green Dealís ĎGolden Ruleí is met. For every possible scenario, the software immediately recalculates the savings, costings and repayment plan, displaying this information in both tabular and graphic formats to aid clarity.  

Once the customer is happy with their recommendations and the selections, the advisor can generate a quotation for the customer to review. Once they decide to proceed with the proposed Plan, the advisor can submit the application to The Green Deal Finance Company quickly and simply through a single button; the software then automatically processes the personal and financial data required, and exports it to TGDFC in their approved format.

This deceptively simple function is underpinned by complex data processing and transfer protocols which need to be consistent and secure. For this reason, for the Green Deal Providers involved in the first wave of applications to connect with The Green Deal Finance 

Company, Stroma Certificationís software has been a core component of their compliance strategy. This application was submitted using RSAP+ for desktop; the module is now also available on iPad for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

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