Repeated call from NIA for reforms to Green Deal and ECO to kick-start home insulation and help hard-pressed families

30th October, 2013

As the political debate continues around increases in the price of domestic energy bills and green subsidies the National Insulation Association (NIA) is today repeating its call for urgent reforms to the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to ensure hard pressed families receive home insulation this winter.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA commented: "Home insulation is the most effective way of reducing domestic energy bills with savings of around 320 per year with cavity wall and loft insulation and 620 per year with solid wall and loft insulation according to figures from the Energy Saving Trust.

"The Green Deal and ECO have the potential to provide insulation measures to millions of homes but they are currently not delivering as expected by Government with cavity wall installations 65% down and solid wall insulation over 70% down and urgent reforms are therefore needed to kick start activity with backing from all political parties."

The NIA is calling for cross party support for:

- Government and energy suppliers to agree a specific delivery plan to accelerate insulation delivery for the remainder of the current ECO.

- Simplification of the ECO rules.

- Incentives for Local Authorities and Housing Associations to engage in ECO projects.

- Additional incentives to stimulate uptake of the Green Deal.

- Urgent changes to the Green Deal Cash Back Scheme.

- A high-profile, government and energy supplier backed, communications programme to increase awareness and understanding of the Green Deal and ECO amongst the general public.

Source: NIA UK

A Policy Debate titled "What future for ECO" will be a key feature of the Opening Plenary, along with numerous speaker presentations and debates on the Green Deal, at the Retrofit Summit, held at the Business Design Centre, London on 05 December.  

To view the full programme or to book tickets to the Retrofit Summit, CLICK HERE.

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