25th November, 2013

The public sector is overspending on energy by £357m a year, according to new figures.

The analysis from the Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme shows that installing more efficient technology and equipment would reduce the public sector’s energy bill by over £350m a year.

Darren Riva, head of green financing of the EEF scheme, said: ‘Our analysis has shown that there is a huge market potential for cost effective energy savings enabled by energy-efficient equipment, amounting to over £3.7bn per year across the country, and more than £357m in the public sector alone. That potential energy saving covers heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation, amongst others.

‘Over the past few years, limited access to affordable finance has been hindering organisations from making green investments. That is why EEF was created – a joint financing initiative between the Carbon Trust and Siemens – to make finance more accessible and affordable for private sector companies and public sector institutions.

The EEF scheme matches monthly payments to real monthly energy cost savings, which means that organisations effectively end up paying no extra for their new equipment investment. These investments improve organisational efficiency, cut carbon and boost the green growth.’

Source: Local Gov

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