2nd December, 2013

David Cameron has been warned that his lack of commitment to green promises could see the Conservative party split, as many lose patience with his inconsistency

The prime minister has been looking to alleviate the pressure put on the government in the past few weeks, as energy companies have blamed green levies for the fact that they have had to raise customer bills.

However, in a letter to Cameron, 25 MPs, including a number of his traditional supporters, have warned that he faces a rift in the fabric of the party if he continues with his changing promises regarding green levies and other environmental issues.

MPs are concerned

Business Green reports that Cameron met with a number of MPs in London this past week to discuss the future of green issues in his strategies. It is reported that some promised to step down at the next election unless changes are implemented.

Thanet South MP Laura Sandys and Energy Minister Greg Barker are amongst those who made the threat along with a number of other MPs.

Barker told the news provider that the meeting with the prime minister was used as a way to push for a more stringent and stable green policy and environmental vision to be implemented in the next Conservative manifesto.

An MP who attended the meeting said: “The real significance was that the ‘other side’, those who are sceptical, have tended to act as a bloc and have been quite rebellious, while those of us who support the green agenda can and have been taken for granted.

“This was the first time we have flexed our muscles and it will have come as a shock.”

Uncertainty continues to reign

There have been fears in recent times that uncertain policies from the government and key politicians over the use of renewable energy strategies could harm investment in the UK as companies start to see Britain as unsafe.

It retained its place in the top five worldwide locations for green investment in the last quarter, but leading city analyst Peter Atherton at Liberum Capital warned earlier this week that unless all parties pull in the same direction, this could change.

The main fears for the Conservative MPs come in the shape of the green levies review. With Cameron’s promise to “roll back green levies” earlier this month, there has been some discrepancy over what he meant.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has said renewable energy subsidies are not part of the green levies review but the prime minister has yet to confirm this.

It was reported by the Times that the meeting between the prime minister and the MPs ended with a warning that the party could be split if there is not clear direction put in place with regards to ensuring the promise “vote blue to go green” from the last election is adhered to.

Source: USwitch

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