Partners sought to bring home insulation technology to market

19th August, 2013

Double system uses renewable electricity to maintain internal temperatures

An SME is looking for corporate partners and licensees to develop the market for its patented, electrically heated, insulation technology.

Esulation’s Energised Insulation System (EIS) has been designed to help homes maintain internal temperature levels using renewable electricity, thus reducing the need for conventional space heating. The approach requires two systems: the EIS system to protect the interior temperature from the cold outside air, and a conventional system that heats the space – but only when needed. The EIS technology works by forming a heated layer at a temperature of 18-20oC within the insulation material to create an active thermal buffer in winter.

With this system the user should be able to regularly minimise the building’s heating requirement to only the U value of the building fabric/insulation panels, at 2-4W/m2, or around an average 200W for a townhouse.

Although the technology relies on electricity, this could be supplied from onsite renewables.

The company says that its technology targets the Green Deal for existing homes, new modular homes and metal clad buildings.


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