Online Green Deal Tool Available

24th June, 2012

A new online tool, known as Green Deal Manager, is to be launched alongside the Green Deal. This online tool has been created and is being run by Graham Jack and Phyllis Boardman. The system will have a series of bespoke documents that take a Green Deal Installer through the policy and the procedure process required to operate. Once the Green Deal is launched, it will also provide a project management system for the installers that is easy to use.

A complete suite of documentation will be provided to help Green Deal Installers through the accreditation process in a step by step manner. The system will also keep a live version of all documentation, so everyone in the organisation is able to view them, allowing for ease with collaboration. There are a total of 12 generic documents and 132 specific documents.

The service is designed uniquely to give installer everything that they would need to attain and maintain the required PAS2030 accreditation. Green Deal Installers will also be provided with a mentor who will be happy to guide them through the documentation whilst giving full technical support to every subscriber. A Green Deal Provider is also working alongside the Green Deal Manager, and they are keen to build up a network of installers. Usage of this tool would mean an installer would become visible to a key Green Deal Provider.

Part of maintaining the installer accreditation is to have a project management system for the installations. The Green Deal Manager allows for unlimited project creations and installations. It has many useful features to help Green Deal Installers, such as an inbuilt Task Manager and a traffic light system, and there is also a mobile version for use on the go. The online tool also includes a document alert system and an automated handover facility.

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