Jablite launch EPS system for old roofs

15th May, 2013

Jablite has launched a lightweight, reinforced, expanded polystyrene (EPS) over-roof insulation system to upgrade the thermal performance of old and fragile profiled roofs. The system, Flat Roof Profiled+, was developed with support from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Invest In Innovative Refurb fund.

The Jablite EPS insulation is cut to fit the shape of the existing profiled roof, with the insulation thickness specified to achieve required U values. The insulation has galvanised, interlocking steel sections running through the core of the product, which transfer loads such as snow to the existing roof support structure. The roof is weatherproofed over the insulation using roofing membranes or a new profiled finish.

The new system can be used in conjunction with specialist asbestos products to safely encapsulate asbestos cement roofs, according to the manufacturer. Steve Broadhurst, technical manager with Jablite, said: “Fragile, leaky profile roofs can be a headache for building owners, facilities managers and roofing contractors. They can be difficult to treat and if the roof is profiled asbestos cement, there are limited options available. It’s not uncommon to see existing asbestos profiled roofs carefully removed at great expense.”

This article first appeared in Building for Change

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