22nd July, 2013

Saving money, increasing efficiencies and reducing mains reliance 

The immerSUN is a specialist eco gadget that works in tandem with microgen systems to help users save money, reduce utility bills and protect the environment.

By monitoring self-generated energy, the immerSUN diverts surplus power (which would normally be exported to the grid) to an immersion, storage, space or electric underfloor heater. This means that homeowners can use up to 100% of green energy even when they’re not at home, lowering utility bills by up to £250 annually.

Additionally, by self-generating green energy, homeowners are entitled to a 50% government export tariff, helping them make the most of environmentally friendly technology.

Developed for both commercial and domestic installations, the immerSUN is the perfect addition to any microgen system. Reliable and flexible, the system can be specified for new build developments or can be retrofitted into any existing property.

A Swim-Swim Situation

As part of an innovative self-build eco project, specialist PV system installer, SunRG, was tasked with heating an indoor swimming pool using self-generated green energy.

Based in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, the dedicated environmental business provides the complete PV solution, from specification and installation to fitting supplementary self-consumption devices.

Mike Webb, SunRG’s expert green systems installer, was given the project and looked toward 4Eco’s market leading microgen switching device - the immerSUN - to effectively approach the installation.

“For the last 45 years, SunRG has helped homeowners across Worcestershire to lower energy bills and protect the environment,” commented Mike.

“We started working with 4Eco in 2012 and, since then, have installed hundreds of immerSUN units into properties across the region.

“Heating a swimming pool wasn’t something that we’d ever been tasked with before, but we knew that the immerSUN would be the perfect solution.

“We approached the project in two stages. The first was to retrofit an immerSUN to the bungalow’s 4KW solar PV system. This would link directly to the immersion heater and provide hot water throughout the year by directing 100% of surplus green energy to the tank element.

“The second stage was to increase the size of the PV system and install an additional immerSUN unit to maintain the temperature of the indoor swimming pool. 

“Using nothing but natural sunlight, the immerSUN worked in harmony with the solar PV setup to redirect green energy to the swimming pool - maintaining the water’s temperature.

“This meant that the pool could be heated for free, by effectively using self-generated green energy.

“In fact, after monitoring monthly generation figures to date, we’ve found that the immerSUN will provide free hot water throughout the house for over 10 months of the year!”

“We’re now looking to install the system alongside more and more customer PV setups to help homeowners reduce bills, save money and protect the environment.”

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