Hole in the Roof Campaign Launched

16th November, 2012

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has launched the "Hole in the Roof" campaign, backed by prominent environmentalist Tony Juniper. "Some of the messages people hear about saving energy simply don't work," said Tony. "Some sound preachy, others are about guilt and some too abstract. Even encouragement to save money seems not to work for a lot of people.
"It is really a question of understanding what is of interest to people and realising that the challenge is... also about making the messages appealing for the individuals concerned. That is quite a challenge, but it can be done and behaviour can change."

The campaign features a quirky website where users can learn about various efficient and low carbon heating technologies, such as thermostats, solar thermal systems, showers, heat pumps, controls.
It will also provide advice on the Green Deal and grants for fuel poor households, and feature an animated family, who have large energy bills but have not adopted energy saving measures.

"The Hole in the Roof campaign is all about making simple changes in the home in order to make your environment more energy efficient." said Roger Webb, HHIC director. "We want people to become enthused about changing their behaviour and that collectively we can make a difference. We can't force people to change their behaviour but we can try to tap into the reasons they might want to."

For more information visit: www.centralheating.co.uk

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