Green Deal Market Testing this Autumn

30th July, 2012

The Green Deal programme will be undertaking end to end testing of the Green Deal process with market participants over the autumn. The successful operation of the Green Deal framework will involve a large number of individual participants working to a pre-agreed set of common market processes underpinned by legislative and regulatory frameworks and a number of standard IT systems.

Given the complexity of the Green Deal system, it is important that there is confidence that the framework will operate as intended before significant Green Deal activity takes place. By identifying any issues with the overall framework, supporting market processes, information flows, IT systems and guidance documentation early, resolutions and workarounds can be defined and implemented in time for full market operations.

Green Deal Market Testing (GDMT) is designed to prove that the Green Deal Framework, as set out in the target operating model (TOM, to be published in due course), operates successfully and correctly.  GDMT will be executed in a controlled environment and involve a core of participants covering the majority of roles set out in the Green Deal TOM.  End to end testing of the core Green Deal process from lodging an assessment through to payment and remittance will be covered during GDMT.

In addition to providing assurance that the overall Green Deal framework works, GDMT will also be used to help define the tests that prospective Green Deal Providers will be required to undertake as part of their application process to demonstrate their ability to engage appropriately with the Green Deal infrastructure.

The testing strategy and other documents will be added to the DECC website as they become available.

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