Green Deal cut by 30% government once again government lining utilities pockets

2nd December, 2013

Green Deal and ECO Deal is set to be cut by an estimated 30% according to reports from the BBC News. Green Deal is designed to help those in fuel poverty, heat and insulate their homes for free. However, due to David Cameron wanting to ‘cut’ energy bills, it seems that those homes won’t be insulated and once again energy companies profits will not be touched at all, another strong show of power and control from the government. Which begs the question is David Cameron fit to run this country?

Millions of homes across the UK will have benefited from the free insulation, however this will be reduced by 30% and the time it will take will be extended by 2 years according the reports released from the Government.

This means that not only will less homes be insulated under ECO Deal and the Green Deal but there will be a minimum of around 10,000 Job losses in the insulation and construction industry, but will also mean that energy companies get to keep their profits from year sales, unaffected by any change in government policy.

David Cameron according to sources has been begging energy companies not to make his party look silly, when the publication comes out, by increasing fuel and energy prices to the public.

When will real change come? When will the people actually be considered? Do we forget that politicians work for the best interest of the general public and not the other way around, they are servants of the public and should start acting like it, not like the lap dogs of the blue chip companies that they appear to be.

Source: Gaining Green

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