Goodlight 2D retrofit lamp scoops innovation award

9th November, 2013

LED Eco Lights has picked up the Electrical Industry Award 2013 for Most Innovative Lighting Product.

Now celebrating its 21st year, the Electrical Industry Awards recognise, celebrate and reward the products and achievements of those working in the UK electrical sector.

The winning product is the Goodlight 2D retrofit LED lamp which has been designed and developed as a truly innovative replacement for a traditional CFL 2D lamp. With a particular focus on energy reduction, the new lamp’s 12W rating is a huge reduction on the 28W traditional lamp, representing an energy saving potential of over 67%. Also, by using LED as the light source, it provides instant light compared to its predecessor’s lengthy warm up times.

Advanced models of the Goodlight 2D retrofit LED lamp further enhance its innovative features with the incorporation of the company’s unique G-Sense technology.  This utilises an ingenious range of integral modules to create a 3-in-1 controllable lamp that helps tackle energy issues for the bill payer whilst simplifying the configuration for the installer.

The first two elements combine the advantages of a movement detector and an automatic dimming facility. Upon detecting movement, the lamp turns itself on to full power yet, importantly, dims down when no one is around. These lamps are traditionally used in many access and communal areas within commercial, residential and amenity buildings where users frequently fail to turn off the lights. This latest innovation removes the responsibility from the user by allowing the lamp itself to turn on, dim down or turn off when no occupancy is detected. In this way, G-Sense reduces energy consumption potential down to 4W.  This is the most energy efficient 2D LED lamp available - with over 85% energy reduction capability - by lighting only when needed.

The third component of the 3-in-1 control is a novel solution to a mains power failure. Traditionally, the majority of relevant applications rely on an emergency back-up solution that requires cumbersome battery packs to be installed alongside the lamp.  However, 2D bulkheads and fittings usually have very little space around them thereby presenting a real challenge for installers to be able to add an emergency pack into the configuration.  The Goodlight Emergency variant addresses this problem, simply and brilliantly.  With an integral battery pack built into the back of the lamp, a user merely inserts standard rechargeable AA batteries to ensure a reliable three hour emergency lighting option if mains power is interrupted.

In accepting the Award, Waq Bhatti, LED Eco Lights’ Managing Director, said, “Since launching our 2D G-Sense late last year, we always knew that it raised the bar and would set new standards for our industry. To win Most Innovative Lighting Product 2013 endorses our confidence and belief in the value of investing heavily in continual product development. In the face of strong competition, we are absolutely delighted to receive this accolade, particularly as the recognition comes from the most respected names and trade bodies within the UK’s Electrical Industry.”

Source: Specification Online

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