ECO helps households who need it most.

25th November, 2013

ECO deal a flagship incentive under the wing of Green Deal, designed to see properties across the UK become more fuel efficient is under fire from politicians in the UK. ECO offers free measures such as cavity wall insulations, free boilers and loft insulation.

David Cameron has publicly bashed ECO and green deal, focusing on how energy bills can be lowered if ECO is cut.

Lets look at the negative impact cutting ECO would have on the UK as a whole.

UK is part of the EU and has legally signed to lower the carbon emissions each household emits each year. UK is amongst the top 5 least efficient countries in the EU.

Overall ECO saves customers money on their energy bills. As the less heat your house loses during the winter months, the less it costs overall to hear your home for longer.

Cutting ECO deal would mean households who are fuel poor, are hit the hardest. As those measures will no longer be available for free under the ECO flagship incentive.

David Cameron is giving the UK public no choice, those who cannot afford to insulate their homes will die the likes of the elderly who cannot afford to heat their homes because they lose so much heat, through a property that has the lowest energy efficient scoring possible.

If David Cameron wants to see families, children and the elderly suffer then cutting ECO will allow such consequences.

Source: Gaining Green

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