DECC Update Green Deal Legislation

12th July, 2012

Secondary legislation for the Green Deal was passed by the House of Commons on Monday 2nd July, and will be appearing in front of the Lords on Monday 23rd July. Since the legislation is almost in place, this means that the Green Deal and ECO are finally into the delivery phase.

Stakeholders in the Green Deal wanted the DECC to make sure that a fully managed and careful introduction was to be in place for this October, as they believed this to be necessary to ensure successful delivery. The DECC state that this fits directly into their objective of ensuring that the Green Deal ‘provides an excellent customer experience from the start. It also opens up the market to ‘new players’ and thereby allows companies to enter into the Green Deal when they please. The DECC states that they will begin with a stage of focused testing before the initial national roll out.

DECC had published their response to the public consultation last month, and comment that they do continue to build on the Green Deal Framework. It was announced on Thursday 14th June that Gemserv and REAL had partnered up to create the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body. They will ensure that the Green Deal Framework delivers, and will allow advisors, installers and providers to register and become accredited from early August. Added to this, registration fees have been waived for the first two years of the framework.

To ensure that all participants involved in the Green Deal operate fairly, the Green Deal Code of Practice was put towards Parliament to supplement the secondary legislation. Under this code, all Green Deal participants will be monitored closely by the Oversight and Legislation Body to make sure that, as well as operating fairly, they also deliver good customer service and have the proper levels of training for the role they have within the Green Deal.

Assessments will be able to be made by authorised Green Deal assessors in October,w hen the scheme is set for its ‘soft launch’. From October, accredited Green Deal Providers will also be able to use the assessments made, and to issue quotes to the consumer. As more providers enter the market, the DECC fully expects the number of offers available to increase. Green Deal authorised installers will be able to complete work for consumers prior to the end of January if paid for upfront or wholly supported by the Energy Company Obligation. The DECC expect the number of offers available to build from there as more providers enter the market. 

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