CoRE and STBA to pilot tool for Responsible Retrofit

11th June, 2013

The Centre of Refurbishment Excellence (CoRE) and the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Association (STBA) have teamed up to develop and roll out a new online tool as part of the Responsible Retrofit programme.

The Responsible Refurbishment project (June-Nov 2013) aims to bring together the latest research, tools and guidance and make it accessible to energy assessors and contractors, many of whom have already begun the task of upgrading the nation’s housing stock without a complete understanding of the risks and hazards.

The project kicks off on 11th July at a Responsible Retrofit Conference at CoRE.  The event will draw in experts from the refurbishment and heritage fields to discuss the latest developments. It will continue by testing the STBA responsible refurbishment tool on one of the many practical refurbishment projects taking place in Stoke-on-Trent, and will conclude with the design and pilot of a training module covering both the general issues, risks and solutions surrounding responsible refurbishment, and how the latest tools can be used to make refurbishment safer. This module will be produced in several formats including a classroom training course, a series of webinars and a downloadable training video, to be rolled out in early 2014.

The project is Heritage Lottery Funded and led by the Centre of Refurbishment Excellent (CoRE, ) in Stoke-on-Trent, who’s aim is to help the country meet this challenge by providing a hub for the latest sustainable technology, talent and training.

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