Baxi Applauds Retrofit Plans

12th July, 2012

Baxi has welcomed the Government's recent announcement on the Green Deal. Simon Osborne, head of product management, says it has introduced a greater level of transparency, which can only be good for the consumer. "Consumers now have more opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Firstly, minimum warranties on boilers have increased to five years. This represents a good deal for the consumer, especially when you bear in mind that the Energy Saving Trust recommends that the current lifespan of a boiler is 12 years," said Mr Osborne.

Plans outlined for boiler repairs should also boost consumer confidence, Baxi says. If a boiler needs repairing it shouldn't come at any extra cost to the consumer, as it is now included as an eligible measure under the Affordable Warmth obligation. Microgeneration is also part of the scheme. Baxi points out that the Green Deal had previously excluded the benefits of RHI, but now takes FITs as a method of payment. This means there is a greater range of renewable technologies that people can choose to install. Hot water cylinders are now included, although they were not permitted in the original consultation. In addition, 15 other new measures have been added to the finalised list of qualifying improvements.

Osborne added: "There is still a fair bit of cynicism surrounding Green Deal, but it is going ahead whether we like it or not. So it is time everyone in the heating industry fully embraced it. This will vastly improve the energy efficiency of the 14 million homes around the country at which this initiative is aimed."

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